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Distances from Al Qadarif

Distances from Al Qadarif to the largest cities and places in Sudan. Have a closer look at the distances from Al Qadarif to the largest places in Sudan.

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Distances from Al Qadarif to the largest places in Sudan
Doka Doka1.19,82171 km 44 mishow
Al Hawatah Al Ḩawātah2.24,513106 km 66 mishow
Ad Dindar Ad Dindar3.15,144161 km 100 mishow
As Suki As Sūkī4.33,524181 km 112 mishow
Singa Singa5.44,626186 km 115 mishow
Kassala Kassala6.401,477192 km 119 mishow
Maiurno Maiurno7.28,727198 km 123 mishow
Sinnar Sinnar8.130,122203 km 126 mishow
Wad Medani Wad Medani9.332,714205 km 128 mishow
Aroma Aroma10.12,708214 km 133 mishow
Jalqani Jalqani11.9,472217 km 135 mishow
Al Masallamiyya Al Masallamiyya12.9,373229 km 142 mishow
Al Hasaheisa Al Hasaheisa13.28,735239 km 148 mishow
Kinana Kināna14.26,233239 km 148 mishow
Wagar Wagar15.11,950252 km 156 mishow
Al Hilaliyya Al Hilāliyya16.17,345253 km 157 mishow
Al Manaqil Al Manāqil17.128,297260 km 161 mishow
Ar Ruseris Ar Ruseris18.28,862265 km 164 mishow
Al Kiremit al `Arakiyyin Al Kiremit al ‘Arakiyyīn19.9,775266 km 165 mishow
Wad Rawah Wad Rāwah20.10,348272 km 169 mishow
Ad-Damazin Ad-Damazin21.186,051274 km 170 mishow
Rabak Rabak22.135,281301 km 187 mishow
Kosti Kosti23.345,068310 km 193 mishow
Al Kawa Al Kawa24.10,167313 km 195 mishow
Um Jar Al Gharbiyya Um Jar Al Gharbiyya25.9,038323 km 200 mishow
Ad Douiem Ad Douiem26.87,068332 km 206 mishow
Al Qitena Al Qiţena27.18,321338 km 210 mishow
Wad az Zaki Wad az Zāki28.9,271346 km 215 mishow
Khartoum Khartoum29.1,974,647350 km 218 mishow
Omdurman Omdurman30.1,200,000360 km 224 mishow
Shendi Shendi31.53,568362 km 225 mishow
El Matama El Matama32.11,366369 km 229 mishow
Marabba Marabba33.12,108394 km 245 mishow
Tandalti Tandaltī34.27,275397 km 247 mishow
Kurmuk Kurmuk35.10,375406 km 252 mishow
Ed Damer Ed Damer36.103,941425 km 264 mishow
Atbara Atbara37.107,930435 km 270 mishow
Umm Ruwaba Umm Ruwaba38.55,742468 km 291 mishow
Berber Berber39.22,395469 km 291 mishow
El Bauga El Bauga40.19,141496 km 308 mishow
Ar Rahad Ar Rahad41.26,273533 km 331 mishow
Abu Jibeha Abu Jibeha42.21,790535 km 332 mishow
Barah Bārah43.16,969544 km 338 mishow
Tokar Tokār44.22,250549 km 341 mishow
El Obeid El Obeid45.393,311567 km 352 mishow
Sawakin Sawākin46.28,570602 km 374 mishow
Marawi Marawī47.10,234625 km 388 mishow
Kuraymah Kuraymah48.19,593629 km 391 mishow
Port Sudan Port Sudan49.489,725652 km 405 mishow
Ad Dabbah Ad Dabbah50.11,626652 km 405 mishow

1 - 50 of 68 places
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