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Places in Sudan with HA

Search and find places in Sudan with first letters HA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Sudan with HA

There are 198 places in Sudan beginning with 'HA' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Habarab   to   Hajar al Hatab
Places in Sudan with HA
Habarab Habarab1.Northern State Northern State-
Habeina Habeina2.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habib Ḩabīb3.Eastern Darfur Eastern Darfur-
Habib Ḩabīb4.Northern Darfur Northern Darfur-
Habib Allah Ḩabīb Allāh5.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Habib Allah Ḩabīb Allāh6.White Nile White Nile-
Habiko Habiko7.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habil Habīl8.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habila Habila9.Southern Kordofan Southern Kordofan-
Habila Habila10.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Habila Habīla11.White Nile White Nile-
Habilah Habīlah12.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habilah Habīlah13.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habilah Habīlah14.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Habilah Habīlah15.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Habilaya Habilaya16.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Habilei Habilei17.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Habis el Humar Habis el Humar18.Southern Kordofan Southern Kordofan-
Hablul Hablul19.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habobiyya Habobiyya20.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habobiyya Ash Shami Habobiyya Ash Shāmi21.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Habos Habos22.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Hadaliya Hadaliya23.Khartoum Khartoum-
Hadalya Hadālyā24.Kassala Kassala-
Hadalya Hadālyā25.Kassala Kassala-
Haddad Ḩaddād26.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Haddaf Haddaf27.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Hafarah Ḩafarah28.Kassala Kassala-
Haffir Makki Ḩaffīr Makki29.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Hafir Ḩafīr30.Northern State Northern State-
Hag Musa Hag Musa31.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Hagar Banga Hagar Banga32.Central Darfur Central Darfur-
Hagar Beida Hagar Beida33.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagar Jembuh Hagar Jembuh34.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagar Jenadi Hagar Jenadi35.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagar Myanga Hagar Myanga36.Central Darfur Central Darfur-
Hagar Nuna Hagar Nuna37.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagar Zaghawa Hagar Zaghawa38.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagaru Hagaru39.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagel Murra Hagel Murra40.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Hagir Debeira Hagir Debeira41.Kassala Kassala-
Hagokat Hagokat42.Al Qadarif Al Qaḑārif-
Hai al `Azama Ḩai al ‘Az̧ama43.Red Sea Red Sea-
Hai Tarab Hadal Ḩai Tarab Hadal44.Red Sea Red Sea-
Haj Ahmad Ḩaj Aḩmad45.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Haj an Nur Ḩaj an Nūr46.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Hajalah Ḩajalah47.Northern Darfur Northern Darfur-
Hajar Ḩajar48.Northern Darfur Northern Darfur-
Hajar al Bayda' Ḩajar al Bayḑā’49.River Nile River Nile-
Hajar al Hatab Hajar al Hatab50.Southern Kordofan Southern Kordofan-

1 - 50 of 198 places
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