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Places in Sudan with ME

Search and find places in Sudan with first letters ME.

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Alphabetical index of places in Sudan with ME

There are 38 places in Sudan beginning with 'ME' (in alphabetical order).
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Mealla   to   Messawi
Places in Sudan with ME
Mealla Mealla1.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Meallayab Meallayab2.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Megal Megal3.River Nile River Nile-
Megauda Megauda4.Northern State Northern State-
Megeikha Megeikha5.Sinnar Sinnār-
Meheiriba Meheiriba6.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Meikhaha Meikhaha7.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Meina al Mak Meina al Mak8.Sinnar Sinnār-
Meinarti Meinarti9.Kassala Kassala-
Meiram Meiram10.Central Darfur Central Darfur-
Meirdaila Meirdaila11.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Mejar Takku Mejar Takku12.Al Jazirah Al Jazīrah-
Mekah Mekaḩ13.White Nile White Nile-
Mekaya Mekāya14.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Mekhirif Qoz Al Habil Mekhīrif Qoz Al Habīl15.White Nile White Nile-
Melegab Melegab16.Northern State Northern State-
Meleitada Meleitada17.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Melemm Melemm18.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Melik en Nasir East Melik en Nasir East19.Northern State Northern State-
Melik en Nasir West Melik en Nasir West20.Northern State Northern State-
Mellit Mellit21.Northern Darfur Northern Darfur-
Melmelli Melmelli22.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Menawashei Menawashei23.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Menfor Menfor24.Shamal Kurdufan Shamāl Kurdufān-
Menze Menze25.Blue Nile Blue Nile-
Mereibi Mereibi26.Al Qadarif Al Qaḑārif-
Mereig Mereig27.Sinnar Sinnār-
Mereigha Mereigha28.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Mereiraya Mereiraya29.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Merenga Merenga30.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Merise Merise31.Western Darfur Western Darfur-
Merli Merli32.Central Darfur Central Darfur-
Meshaqqa Meshaqqa33.White Nile White Nile-
Meshawar Meshawar34.Northern Darfur Northern Darfur-
Mesheitir Mesheitir35.Southern Darfur Southern Darfur-
Meshergen Meshergen36.Blue Nile Blue Nile-
Meshingir Meshingir37.Blue Nile Blue Nile-
Messawi Messawi38.Northern State Northern State-

1 - 38 of 38 places